What is Processor? and how does it works :

What is Processor?

 Processor is an integrated electronic circuit which we also know as CPU, Microprocessor, Central Processor, Processor is installed in the mother board of the computer, it is the heart and brain of the computer, if the processor stops working.  So the computer becomes completely useless.

 It is through the processor that the computer gets instructions to perform tasks, it gives Arithmetical, Logical, Input, Output and other types of instructions to the computer and these instructions are passed through the operating system.

 All the processes of the computer are based on the processor, the most important function of the processor is to provide output to the instructions given by the user and store the necessary information in the memory.  So friends, now let us know the types of processors and their details.

How many types of processors are there?

 Let us now know how many types of processors are there, there are different types of processors in computers.

  • Single Core Processor
  • Dual Core Processor
  • Quad Core Processor
  • Hexa Core Processor
  • Octa Core Processor
  • Deca Core Processor

How does a processor work?

 The processor is connected to the RAM of the computer, and the RAM is connected to the hard disk of the computer. Whenever the computer receives instructions through the input device or any information is processed, the first data to be received is the hard disk.  Accesses the RAM through and after that the processor decodes all those instructions or information one by one.

 You must be aware that a computer can understand only binary language, that is why the processor first converts the instructions into binary language, due to which that information gets decoded very easily in the computer.

 When the processor completes the decode process, the information is sent to the Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) for action. Finally, after completing all these steps, when the processor completes its entire work, the data is processed.  It is sent back to memory to be stored.

 And then the user processes the data he wants to give and provides the output. You may find this process very complicated, but the processor completes this process in a very short time i.e. in a few nano seconds, the computer can run smoothly.  The processor plays a very important role in working properly.

What is Processor Core?

 In a computer, Processor is the brain of the computer and the brain of the processor is the Core, only with the help of the Core the processor is able to process the input data properly and convert it into output, the speed of the Processor depends on the Processor Core only, how much the computer runs.  How powerful the processor is can be judged from its core.

 The more cores there are in the processor, the greater will be the working capacity of the computer. If the computer has only one processor i.e. single core, then it will be able to do only one task properly at a time.

 And if the computer has more than one core, then your computer will be able to perform more than one task with full speed very easily.

 Nowadays, people are very short of time and in the present times, the demand to do tasks quickly is also increasing, keeping this in mind, multiple cores have started being used in processors these days.  The advantage of this is that the computer can easily complete many tasks at a time with full speed.