What is Google’s Gemini AI? and how does it works :

What is Google’s Gemini AI?

 Friends, recently it has become a topic of discussion that what is Gemini AI?  So let’s get the necessary information about it.

 Gemini AI is a latest AI of Google, its work is exactly like a personal assistant.  It is considered to be a very powerful AI model which is capable of performing even difficult tasks easily.  Here it completes the tasks like text, images, audio and code etc. very easily, which means that not only will you understand the text, you can also understand the tasks like video, audio, code etc. completely.  It will be made available in more than 150 countries.  At present, only Gemini AI Basic Model Nano has been launched (here the Nano version will also work offline in Android devices) but in the future, Pro and Ultra versions will also be launched.  It has been launched only in English language now but later it will also support Europe and some other regional languages.  Friends, Google is also planning that Gemini AI will be helpful in eliminating many types of problems of humans.  It is also being heard here that Gemini AI can directly give a tough competition to ChatGPT.  DeepMind and Google’s research team have worked hard to develop Gemini AI.

How many versions of Gemini AI are there in total?

 Google has currently announced three versions of Gemini AI.  About which we know detailed information below-

1. gemini ultra-

 This ultra version is being described as the best by Google.  Here you will get full support in making even the most difficult work simple.  Meaning, whatever the work, be it text, audio, video, code etc., it is capable of doing it simply.

2. gemini pro-

 This Pro version has been developed by upgrading Google’s earlier AI model Bard.  The new version can prove helpful in explaining difficult things easily.

3. gemini nano-

 This nano version has been specially designed for smartphones only.  Will be allowed to work here offline also.

How to use Google Gemini AI?

 Friends, to use this Google Gemini AI, you will have to visit the official website of Google Bard only.  Friends, you can sign in directly with the help of this link https://bard.google.com/?hl=en.  In which you can sign in with your Gmail account.  After this process is completed, you can use Gemini AI.  Some features of Naina Weight will also be available to you on Google Pixel 8 Pro.  By the way, Google has planned to launch this new model on many platforms soon.

Gemini Ultra support may be available in the new year.

 Gemini Ultra may be introduced by Google in this new year.  The version itself has capabilities like multimodal logic and will be able to understand high quality code in the world’s most famous coding languages.

Google Gemini AI will be better than human experts-

 Friends, Google Gemini AI can be better than human experts.  Here is the first model to understand comprehensive multitask language.  Here the combination of 57 types of subjects is followed like- Math, Physics, History, Law, Medicine and Ethics etc.