What is iOS? History, and important information

What is iOS?

 Like Android and Windows, iOS is Apple’s operating system.  But it is completely different from Android and Windows.  Which has been developed by Apple Incorporated. Let us tell you that after Android, Apple is the most used and popular operating system in the world.  iOS works on multitouch interface in which simple gestures are used.

 This means that you can go to the next page and do work by swiping your finger on the device.  At the same time, to zoom the screen of the phone, one has to pinch with the fingers and the screen gets zoomed. iOS makes the sensors of its device powerful and strong.  They detect the touch of your fingers and start working in no time.

There are more than 2 million iOS apps available in Apple’s App Store that you can download.

History of iOS :

 In the year 2005, Steve Jobs started working on the plan of making iPhone.  At that time he had two options.  The first was to make the Mac (Apple’s desktop) smaller and the second was to make the iPod bigger.

 Amidst this confusion, Steve met the team that created Mac and iPod.  From there the idea was taken that iOS would be made.  After that, in the year 2007, iPhone was launched in the market for the first time. The operating system of the iPhone was designed in such a way that no third party app can be run on the device.

 Apple’s iOS which we all are using today.  In fact, it has been upgraded several times.  Every year the company upgrades its operating system and launches a new version in the market. When the iPhone was launched, Apple’s operating system was named OS X.  In 2008, Apple renamed the OS as iPhone OS, then in 2011 it was rebranded as iOS.

As we told you that Apple launches a new upgraded version of iOS every year, so let us know how many versions the company has introduced in the market till now.

How is iOS different from other OS?

 iOS is quite different from other operating systems in terms of protection.  In this OS, all the apps are kept in a protective shell.  Apart from this, the OS also protects its apps from viruses. Apart from this, Apple’s operating system offers much smoother tasking to its devices compared to other OS.  IS is also quite different from other OS in terms of updation.

The company keeps upgrading its OS every year.  Due to which the shortcomings keep getting resolved and also the users get to see new features.  Apple’s App Store is considered more secure.

Version of iOS :

  1. iPhone OS 1.X
  2. iPhone OS 2.X
  3. iPhone OS 3.X
  4. iOS 4.X
  5. iOS 5.X
  6. iOS 6.X
  7. iOS 7.X
  8. iOS 8.X
  9. iOS 9.X
  10. iOS 10.X
  11. iOS 11.X
  12. iOS 12.X
  13. iOS 13.2.X

Conclusion :

 So friends, hope you all would have liked this ( What is iOS ) article very much.  In this article we learned about iOS, what is iOS, its history. Apart from the definition of iOS, we also learned how many versions the company has introduced in the market till now and how iOS is different from other operating systems.