What is robotics?How does it works

What is robotics?

 It is a robotic machine and all commands are programmed in it through computer programming and instructions.  Any robot is capable of doing even the most difficult tasks easily and accurately.  Creating a capable robot is a combination of mechanical, software and electronic engineering.  Mechanical software and electronic engineering completely contribute to a robot and only then a robot is able to work without any error.  There are some robots for which an external control device is used to control them and there are some robots in which the control device is installed inside them.  The size or shape of any robot is not ensured, a robot is manufactured according to its function and convenience.  Friends, the electronic appliances that we use in our homes are also robots in a way and they are programmed to perform the tasks for which they have been created.  There are many such things present in your homes which are robots, such as washing machines, micro ovens, refrigerators, ACs and other things now work on the basis of robotic programs.

how robots work ?

 When a robot is manufactured, different machines are installed in it to perform different tasks and it mainly has 5 parts, which are as follows.

 Sensor system :- A sensor system is also installed in a robot, so that through sensors it can know what orders are being given to it and what tasks are going to be in front of it.

 Structure body:- Before manufacturing any type of robot, its structure i.e. the complete structure of its physical structure is prepared and then accordingly the work of installing different types of machines in it is started.

 Power sources :- As we all know, humans also need energy to work and in the same way robots also need power resources to work and that is why all types of robots have power resources.  is established.  It is through power resources that the robot obtains the energy it needs and then does its work with the same energy.

 Muscle system:- Muscle system is also used in the construction of a robot, so that it can perform error-free tasks properly.

 Brain system:- Just as a human being has to use the brain to understand any type of work and understand all the types of inferences required to do it, in the same way a robot also needs a brain.  It falls.  All the programming is done in the brain of a robot to perform its tasks and obey its orders and this is its main brain, if brain is not installed in the robot then it will be like a box of a useless machine.

How many types of robots are there :

 A robot can be of many types. Robots are manufactured according to their functions and their programming and that is why there is no specific type of robot, it is manufactured on the basis of its functions and is classified according to that type.  Name is given.  The robots used on the basis of mechanics are as follows.

  • stationery robot
  • legend robot
  • wheeled robot
  • swimming robot
  • flying robot
  • swarm robot
  • mobile spherical robot

how to use robot :

   In today’s time, robots are being used in almost all the fields. With the use of robots, work can be completed easily in less time and with complete accuracy, that is why today they are being used in almost every field and in the coming future,  In time, you will start seeing robots in common form almost everywhere.  Let us know about the uses of robots which are as follows.

Military robot :-

As we all know, in today’s time the military is also using modern technologies and that is why military robots are also being manufactured today. In today’s time, military robots are being used to perform many tasks.  Robots are being used in this field, in which robots are making an important contribution in transportation, research work, rescue work and even in military operations like attack.  In the coming times, robots are going to make important contributions in guarding the borders and in other military operations.


Industrial robot:-

Robots are being used in the production sector since a long time and you must have seen that most of the automobile companies have been taking robotic assistance in the manufacturing of their products since a long time.  By taking robotic assistance in the field of production, the work is being done much faster, on time and with less risks.

Construction robots:-

In today’s time, the field of construction has also become robotic and you must have seen that now many types of machines do their work in construction work and all these machines are robotic, which are used only for doing construction work.  All of you must have seen the Demolish Robot in Congress work and it is the most popular and widely used robot.

Agricultural robot :-

In today’s time, agricultural robots are also being used and manufactured in agricultural research and works. You must have seen that many machines have come into use today to do the work like sowing and harvesting in the fields and  All these come under agricultural robots.

Medical robot :-

In today’s time, even the field of medicine has not stopped without the help of robots, that is, today in America, a robot named HOSBI is taking help of humans in surgery and in the coming times, you will see this in every  Will appear in a medical area.  In the coming time, work is being done on nano robots, these robots will play an important role in performing surgeries internally inside the human cells and can also be very helpful in destroying cancer cells.

Sports robot :-

In today’s time, robots are seen playing an important role in the field of sports also. Robot machines work very well for marking the field in tennis grounds and even now for batting in cricket.  For this, players resort to robotic bowling.

Other types of robot :-

] All the robots we have given you information about above are working in their respective fields and in the coming time, you will see robots working in every picture and they are doing a lot of human work.  More ease and accuracy will be achieved with the advent of robots.