What is Processor? and how does it works :

What is Processor?  Processor is an integrated electronic circuit which we also know as CPU, Microprocessor, Central Processor, Processor is installed in the mother board of the computer, it is the heart and brain of the computer, if the processor stops working.  So the computer becomes completely useless.  It is through the processor that the … Read more

What is iOS? History, and important information

What is iOS?  Like Android and Windows, iOS is Apple’s operating system.  But it is completely different from Android and Windows.  Which has been developed by Apple Incorporated. Let us tell you that after Android, Apple is the most used and popular operating system in the world.  iOS works on multitouch interface in which simple … Read more

What is robotics?How does it works

What is robotics?  It is a robotic machine and all commands are programmed in it through computer programming and instructions.  Any robot is capable of doing even the most difficult tasks easily and accurately.  Creating a capable robot is a combination of mechanical, software and electronic engineering.  Mechanical software and electronic engineering completely contribute to … Read more