What is solar energy? Uses, Advantage and Disadvantage

All of you must have read about what solar energy is in your school.  Solar energy is that which is obtained directly from the Sun.  This energy can neither be generated nor destroyed.  It is received directly from the sun’s rays and converted into solar energy through solar panels.  The main source of obtaining solar energy is the Sun.  Through which trees, plants, animals and all of us get energy.  It is through solar energy that trees and plants produce their food and all living beings and we get food from it.

What is Solar Energy?

 Solar energy is created by converting rays received from the Sun.  It is also known as solar power.  Converting the energy received from the Sun into electrical energy is called solar energy.  It is used to perform many types of tasks in big factories.  Apart from this, at present solar energy is being used in various works like generating electricity from solar panels, heating water with solar water heater, cooking food with the help of solar cooker etc. Now you must have understood well what is Solar Energy and what is Solar Energy Definition in Hindi, but do you know who discovered solar energy and for what purposes it is used?  You are told further.

 Who discovered solar energy?

 Solar energy was discovered by Alexandre Edmond Becquerel in 1839.  He explained how electricity is generated from the sun’s rays through the photovoltaic effect.

Uses of Solar Energy :

 The solar energy obtained from both light and heat is used for many purposes.  Let us know for which tasks the energy obtained from solar energy is used. Solar energy is used for cooking food, heating water, heating rooms etc.

 Devices that operate on batteries can be charged with solar energy through photo electric panel systems.If your solar system is expensive then you can provide electricity to your entire house with it.

Advantages Of Solar Energy :

 Solar energy is a very important technology, through it you can create many resources in the field of energy. Let us know what are the benefits of solar energy.

 By installing solar panels you can reduce the electricity bill of your home.

 Solar energy is used for various purposes, it can generate electricity or heat.

 Solar systems do not require much maintenance, except for occasional cleaning.

 Solar energy system is increasing in technology every day and will prove to be better in future.

Disadvantages of solar energy :

 Just as solar energy has some advantages, in the same way it also has some disadvantages which are very important to know about, so let us know about it.

 The cost of purchasing solar system is very high but the government has started many schemes for this in which subsidy is given for purchasing solar system.

 Solar panels depend entirely on sunlight to effectively harvest solar energy.  Although now solar energy can be generated even during rainy and cloudy days, the capacity of the solar system reduces in this season.

 Storing solar energy is quite expensive because it requires large batteries.  These batteries are charged during the day so that the energy can be used at night.

 The more energy you want to collect, the more solar panels and space you will need.